Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Time!

The girls love to make (or eat) sugar cookies. As you can tell they are getting into it and maybe eating more than what is being decorated :) I cannot deny how much I love sugar cookies too !RMHS Diamond Dance Day. Both of them got to perform at a Basketball game. Marley was rudolph :)

Marley takes dance classes at her preschool. Here she is at Parent Day doing the Nutcracker Suite!

All about the crown and tutu!

Winter Garden Aglow!

Rocky Mountain High hosted their Christmas Party at the Botanical Gardens. They put lights everywhere. We had great time walking around and seeing all the lights!

Picture Time!

It will not be too much longer until they hate matching!!! We took some family photos of us all dressed up....soo adorable :)The 3 grandaughters...not for long!!

Family photo time....I hate taking pictures when you are preggo.....

What a cute little family :)..well most of us are little :) 8 more weeks!! Yeah!


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my brothers and their wives all coming to celebrate! Avery lost her 3rd tooth and was soo excited....she is growing up :)Avery is into taking pictures...not too shabby!

Grandma and her girls! Avery 6, Marley 3, Mazzi 1 yr

Marley trying to bowl!

She was happy here...she did not like the shoes. We had a little fight because they looked like "Boy Shoes"

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Soccer is finally over!!! Thank goodness....just as it was getting too cold to bear!! Troy did a great job coaching Marley. Marley started out a little slow, but by the end of the season she was wanting to play a lot more. She even made a couple of goals the last game. She is a great runner and is a bit more of an athlete than her older sister!

As you can see she was tired and sat down as everyone else kept playing.

Was more interested in having us take pictures of her while she was playing.

Good job Coach!

Christmas in October!

We went up to Sun Valley over the break with Troy for some work stuff. We had a great time. We woke up to SNOW!!!! The girls were soo excited. It seriously felt like it was December!! Lucky we brought some coats!
This was before the snow storm!! Went on some bike rides

This was by Avery!

I hate getting my picture taken when I am pregnant...but here you go...I am a lot bigger now!

Labor Day!

We went camping with some good friends during over the holiday. The girls had a blast getting out of town and playing. We forget that it is nice to just get out!

1st day of school for Avery and myself!! She 1st 10th year of highschool!


Avery is such a little diva. She is a fashionista to say the least. She is very much into hats right now. She wore a fedora to her school open house. I was soo proud :)

It was soo fun having the Troy's parents from Canada come up and visit. We always enjoy them and it is soo fun for the girls to get spoiled by them.